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Inspired by friends along my life journey, I blog to share my passion and love for fitness, health, home, family & life!  I’m passionate about life-long learning and trying new things so I’ll share my love of amazing and mostly clean-eating recipes, a lot of running & fitness adventures & tips, chances I take with new adventures and my life experiences no matter what challenges come my way!

Facts About Me

  • Wife to a fantastic hubby (my Hubs), Mom to three boys (my Bubs).
  • I have two fur-babies (Ginger-girl & Leo The Dog).
  • I was in the Air Force working everything from swim coach to communications for more than 7 years before I had my first child 13 years ago. I’ve lived in 11 states (one of them twice).
  • I get to run outside in the beautiful Chicago-land area where the summers are sweltering and the winters cold as… eh hem, it’s just frigid!
  • I’ve only been running for 4 years. Before that, I despised running!
  • My favorite races to run are half-marathons (13.1 miles) and 50Ks (31 miles).
  • I love food. We eat clean 90% of the time. We do pizza. I eat chocolate.
  • I am a recovering perfectionist.
  • I sometimes swear.
  • I hug my kids every day.

Why Reinventitude?

Because I wholeheartedly believe that everyone can reinvent themselves and chase their dreams.  All it takes is a great attitude and a lot of gratitude to get to the next altitude! (cheesy but true!)

I hope to inspire, motivate and encourage you in your journey toward greatness!

I believe in you!

  • Teri

A better you

One thought on “About Me

  1. Hi Teri,

    I work for Your Tea. We’re a big fan of Reinventitude and would love to be featured in it.

    Happy to send over a free box of tea for the feature.


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