I Broke My Own Rule… A First For Everything.

I broke my own rule… I guess there’s a first for everything.

Call me a B$#CH MOM.  I just did something this morning that I have judged other mom’s for doing.

I went to Target in my workout clothes! GASP!

The whole time I was thinking lightening would strike me down in the workout clothes isle (ya, had to check that out) and that my BFF would be slapping me as soon as she finds out!

Seriously, nothing bothers me as much as seeing people dressed in workout clothes at the store doing their grocery shopping and running errands. (Probably because I can’t ROCK it in spandex and a tight tank like they do). I guess I grew up with the idea that you wear church clothes to church, play clothes at home, school clothes at school, workout clothes at the gym or on the trail.

But, I get it now.

Here’s what went down.

I woke up early this morning and layed in bed for a few minutes thinking about all the things I should get done today. As I started getting dressed for my 9:30 run date with my friend, Carrie, I realized I forgot to pick up my prescription from Target this weekend and I NEED it!

Hmmm, I thought to myself, kids are sleeping in and need a lazy day today. Maybe I can sneak off to Target to pick it up when it opens at 8am?! I checked the pharmacy hours online and then realized I was not going to take a shower and get all ‘duded up’ for 5 minutes at the store to turn around and sweat buckets on my run.

So now I  had to figure out what to wear.

Oh, Lord.

Not my workout clothes. NO. No. NO! Maybe? Yes? Just once? I’m desperate!

I have to take off my running shorts… it’s way too revealing in the cottage cheese department (which is ok while running, but not at the store… figure out that line of reasoning).

What if I put on black capris? And I can’t wear a tank by itself, so I’ll throw on my black cardigan to cover up and look more decent.

Is that what my hair looks like?! Oh GEEZE… put on a hat. Black. Because it’s all about blending in, people!

CRAP. My shoes are HOT PINK!!! What the heck. Go for it.

So I hopped in the car hoping with all hopes that there would be nobody except employees at Target at 8:03 am.

I was right. I was one of 2 people at the store and I used my stealth mode to hide from them. YAY! But, to my greatest disappointment. This is what I found. The pharmacy was closed.


So, I did the next best thing and went in search of new workout bottoms. Let me ask you. Who the heck wears size XS?

Note To Target: Target (here’s a reality check), the reason why there are 50 size XS shorts hanging on your racks and none of the other sizes is because only children wear women’s XS!!! (If you’re extra small, like my mom, I’m so very jealous of you!) I’m pretty sure you have someone smart on your staff that understands the bell curve and normal distributions. The middle of your bell and the most popular sizes are probably M, L, and XL, so please carry more of those sizes for me. The size depends on my bell curve over a 5 year period by the way, so work with me, please! It’s better for my positive self image 🙂

After leaving the sad state of affairs in the workout clothes section, I realized I needed two things essential for a great run!

My favorite waterproof mascara and KT tape! Yup. Essentials.

And last but not least, my trip could not be complete without a trip to Starbucks because… what the heck. I was throwing all caution to the wind taking chances left and right.

I was a good girl and got my coffee straight up black. And, I happily discovered that my Target card saves me 5% at Starbucks in the store, too! Hooray for saving 17 cents!

All in all, this wasn’t a bad trip in workout gear. Only 3 people saw me and thankfully no one judged me out loud. I was also too self conscious to look anyone in the eye to see if they had ‘Judgy Eyes!

I can see going back to the store in my running gear… I certainly wouldn’t go after a run.

Oh wait. I broke that rule already. Wasn’t I in a cake shop right after running a 50k?! Nahhh. #ewwww #shhhh #justadream #maybe #maybenot

How do you feel about wearing workout clothes while grocery shopping, meeting someone for lumch, or as everyday clothes?