SLS3 Dual Pocket Run Belt Review & Giveaway

SLS3 Dual Pocket Run Belt Review

I was so excited when SL3S contacted me and asked if I’d review their new belt with a generous and amazing offer below.

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It so happened I was in the market for a new belt because the one I’d had for 3 years just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I hope you’ll keep reading (and watching below) to learn why I think this belt is the best thing since sliced bread.

SLS3 is a German company that creates and develops their products from scratch, is thoroughly tested by athletes and then, if deemed awesome, put into production! They know that runners, cyclist and triathletes want high-performance gear that does its job without getting in the way.


I really liked the SLS3 Dual Pocket Running Belt, primarily because it is waterproof!

As you know, I love photography and my phone is permanently attached to me at all times so I can catch the perfect shot. However, when the weather is bad, I am always putting my Samsung Galaxy S6 in a plastic sandwich baggie for protection from the elements.

Now I don’t have to worry because the belt has a top-grade stretchable waterproof polyurethane lining with water-proof zipper.


Another critical benefit is the large capacity of the belt when needed.

I run too long and with my allergies and asthma, I need to carry extra junk that most people don’t have that could literally save my life… and save you from having to call 911 and perform CPR on me as my running partner! And, I run long enough that I also need to carry fuel with me, but not necessarily water since our trails have tons of easy access, so being as minimalist as possible on these runs, is great!

The bonus? My large Samsung Galaxy S6 (and your new iPhone) will also fit easily in either of the pockets. I think the Samsung Note might also make it, too!  There is plenty of room for cash, credit cards, sports gels, energy bars, inhalers and any other essential supplies.

The SLS3 belt is soooo roomy, it’s almost ridiculous!  Watch this!


I appreciate that it’s a fully adjustable belt fitting sizes 24″-38″. I’m a woman’s size 8-10 with hips and there is still room for the belt to expand (like I do!). It’s very comfortable to wear while running.

Use it every day if you want to – this belt can take a beating. I thought it might be a great alternative to keep my money and phone safe while going down Splash Mountain at the amusement park this summer, or take it on our bike rides into town for ice-cream. It is fully washable, so any spilled ice-cream can come right out!

If you’re fashion conscious, it comes in several great colors, too!


SLS3 shared a special 40% off coupon especially for my readers when you use the coupon code on anything in their store. Use coupon code: BLOG40.

You can also purchase this belt on Amazon for a bigger discount here:

This is a limited time introductory price for the dual pocket run belt. The belt retails at $29.90 and the Amazon store has it listed for $16.90 (43% Off).

And, if you want a chance to win a SLS3 Dual Pocket Running Belt of your own, sign up right here! Winners will be announced in a week.

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*SLS3 sent me a lime green SLS3 Dual Pocket Running Belt in exchange for a comprehensive review. All opinions are my own. Thanks SLS3 for the opportunity to showcase your great product!*

The Swimmer In Me

Did you know I grew up in water and was a competitive swimmer?!

It’s been almost 18 years since I’ve perpetually smelled like chlorine and swam competitively (don’t do the math and try to figure out my age! I will be forever 29). I spent a few years after college swimming at the Master’s level and even loved my brief stint as a sprint triathlete.


Sprinting was my favorite and the 50 Freestyle was my best event. That’s down and back, two short laps in a 25-yard pool, or one lap in an Olympic sized pool. Ask me to swim more than 8 laps and I was dreading every second. My body just didn’t work that way… or so I thought.

I can still remember the day my coach said that practice was 5000 yards for time, which is about 3 miles without stopping. I cried in my goggles the whole 2+ hour workout, lost count and just made sure to swim until everyone was done with practice so no one could accuse me of cheating (pathetic, right?!). Who knew I’d one day enjoy running 50K ultra events!

I cried in my goggles the whole 2+ hour workout, lost count and just made sure to swim until… Click To Tweet

My other favorite events included the sprint relays, 100 Freestyle, 100 Butterfly and the 200 Individual Medley. I swam for the Air Force Academy which at the time was a Division II school and lettered all four years. My husband likes to brag that I’m an All-American, too, but I certainly didn’t earn it myself as they came from several winning relay teams. Our women’s team won their first National Title my senior year… and again the year after when I was an assistant coach, and a water survival and swimming instructor for the Academy.


I have never before written down or talked about those accolades with anyone before besides my husband. And, I can only wonder if I really was burnt out from seeing the black line at the bottom of the pool for so long, that I distanced myself from the sport. I enjoy open water swimming, but sharks… and I can’t see the bottom of most lakes. #irrationalfears #justletmehavethem

Recently, I’ve had a couple friends dive into the triathlon/swimming scene and I have to admit I’m getting the bug to go back. HOWEVER. Triathlons takes a little bit more money and time than I’m willing to devote right now. As a Mom, I do feel guilty about spending too much on myself when we have mouths to feed and colleges looming in our very near future. Have you seen how much a triathlon bike costs?! (cha-ching, swoon, drool, gimme)

I’ve been considering getting back into the pool and seeing if my shoulder will bear the training first. It would be perfect cross-training and give me a little better upper-body and core strength (think butterfly kicking drills). I’d be perfectly happy doing freestyle only and maybe jumping into a triathlon relay since I know this leg is the weakest for most people. I’m also toying with the idea of teaching or coaching swimming again. We shall see.

Swim Tri

There are a few pools close by and even a Master’s swim team just down the road. I’ve checked out what time they practice, but now I have to get the nerve to go. You’d think I’d be perfectly comfortable in the pool, but it’s been a long time since I’ve really spent time in the water outside of summertime fun and sun. Would you believe I hate cold water?! I guess I better get over it and just jump right in.

Do you know how to swim? What holds you back from becoming a better swimmer?