Take The Leap! 30-Day Yoga Challenge

When I think about yoga, the first thought that comes to mind is BLISS!  Yoga centers me and makes me feel strong.

That’s why I am SO thrilled to participate in prAna’s Take The Leap 30 days of Yoga Challenge with Sweat Pink. I plan to Downward Dog my way to a more balanced and grounded 2015!

For me, the biggest challenge when it comes to yoga is being consistent with practicing. Taking the Leap with prAna and Sweat Pink is a great way for me to learn a lot of new poses as well as take a little bit of time each day to really focus on what is going well in my life.

My favorite place to yoga is home because it is quick and easy. Plus, I have fewer distractions!

Here’s a photo of me in my very best meditative yoga pose (ehem, smiling is not mediating… meditating puts me to sleep). But, it makes me sit up straight and think about being balanced!

Mediate YogaI tag Kim @ Running on The Fly and Katie @ Soul Sister Katie to join me in this challenge!

I would love for these fabulous bloggers to share their very best yoga pose photos, this fun madlib and of course, I challenge them to join me on this fun 30 day yoga journey.

Come on y’all, Take the Leap with me!

Join prAna’s & Sweat Pink’s #TakeTheLeap 30 Days of Yoga Challenge and be eligible for a chance to win $500 worth of new prAna gear from their latest collection as well as gift an additional $500 worth of prAna gear to the person of their choice… because isn’t giving as important as receiving? They just launched their new Spring Collection so you best get on it!


If I win I would gift the $500 to my best friend because she always finds a way to make others feel good about themselves.

Join the Take the Leap with prAna and Sweat Pink Facebook group / event which we’ll use for updates, sharing,and inspiration: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1525412337742204/ and event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/423377431152799

And join the challenge on Instagram, Twitter, and your blog using the hashtags:




And of course, tag @prana @FitApproach


Want to play? Just copy/paste the above and fill in the blanks where I have bolded & italicized and make it your own. Or use this link for the template!

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